You’re at the beach walking along the seafront, and in the distance, you see someone repeatedly bend down, pick something up, and throw it into the water. As the urge to know more intensifies, you pick up the pace.

On approach, you see that the figure is taking starfish washed up by the tide, and returning them to their home in the sea. You also look to the horizon to see the hundreds that remain.

“You can’t possibly save them all!” you think out loud.

As our protagonist repeats the crouch and launch procedure, they turn to you and with a gentle smile and simply say “Made a difference to that one.”


Global Youth Media is a branch of Inspire Citizens’ programming that aims to showcase efforts from schools around the world creating positive change through the use of responsible media. With action plans based on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, and a focus on reaching out to local communities through an “empathy to impact” approach, we can encourage the youth of today to be mindful of what it is to be a global citizen, building foundations for making a difference one hypothetical starfish at a time.

save the starfish, save the world

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